Australia's 'green' graveyard uses GPS to find graves


Now the environmentally conscious can continue their quest to clean up this dump we call Earth by requesting to be buried near Lismore Memorial Park Cemetery in the Northern Rivers region of Australia.

“The deceased will be buried in biodegradable coffins between gum trees in a protected koala sanctuary,” according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Headstones must be made from natural rock and the Lismore Council of cemeteries prefer that coffins be made from “woven wicker, plantation pine, or recycled cardboard.”

Since the burial land isn’t laid out like a traditional cemetery, grave sites can be placed just about anywhere and, once placed, graves are marked with GPS coordinates. Friends and family who wish to visit their deceased loved ones can use handheld GPS devices provided by the cemetery to find their way back to the graves.

Burial sites in Lismore cost about $2000 versus the $3000 price tag for a more traditional burial. Similar “natural” burial sites exist in a few other areas of Australia and in about 228 places in Britain.