Sprint Customers get Voice-Enabled FreeMobile411

V-ENABLE, a local mobile search and directory assistance service, announced today that Sprint customers can get the full-featured downloadable version of FreeMobile411. Users only have to speak what they are looking for into their phone and the results will be displayed on-screen within seconds.

FreeMobile411 gives access to 140 million residential and 14 million business locations. Users can browse by category, get maps, driving instructions, see other business nearby and more. Best of all, it is free. Users can also connect with an operator if they want.

Freemobile411 works just like Mobile411, which is available on deck with carriers like Alltel and MetroPCS. With this release of the off deck JAVA version, Sprint customers can get directory information with a few vibrations of the larynx.

“There are several mobile and voice based services that can help find listings, get maps, driving directions, see what’s nearby. But none of the services bring it all together, with the touch of a live operator,” said Craig Hagopian, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of V-ENABLE Inc.

“With FreeMobile411 we are embracing the blending of man and machine to complete the search experience. We look forward to being available on even more carriers and handsets so all mobile consumers can experience the most complete mobile search solution currently available”.

FreeMobile411 won’t blend you with your phone to the extent that you become a cyborg, but it will save you from thumbing through the local phone directory. Sprint users can go online at www.FreeMobile411.com and register for the service, at which time they will be sent via SMS a link to download the application. Non-Sprint customers can visit the site and register with FreeMobile411. These users will be notified when FreeMobile411 is available for their handset and carrier. They can also use the mobile internet version of FreeMobile411 by typing on their phone’s browser freemobile411.com