Ricoh's G600 and Kodak's disposable camera: separated at birth?

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There is definitely a likeness there. However, if pressed, I would probably pick the Ricoh since it’s a full-featured, water-and-dust-resistant 10-megapixel digital camera and not a shady plastic box with a bit of film inside. It’s basically made for outdoor use when skiing, camping, at the beach and so on, so you don’t have to worry about sand, snow, or water spoiling your nice new camera.

It’s got the features you like – decent 2.7″ LCD, 5x optical zoom (doesn’t protrude from the body, thank you Ricoh), 3200 ISO (though I’d try not to use that if I were you), and so on. Unfortunately it costs £350, which is a little less than $700. Oh man. Maybe I’ll wait until Christmas or something.

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