The gathering storm: Time says Facebook faces backlash over inane application requests


It looks like Time mag didn’t get the memo that says nothing negative is to be written about Facebook. Funny (well) thing is, it’s the same thing I complained about nearly a year ago: too many stupid application requests.

Yup, Facebook users, it seems, are fed up with the myriad application requests they get each and every day. A zombie has bitten you, do you want to bite back? Become a fan of Web 19.0! Free [virtual] petrol! Puppies for Tibet! And so on. Yeah, it’s annoying, and partially the reason why I cut my visits from once a day to maybe a few times a week. And yes, I (and Time) know that you can now hide all those dumb requests, but, to me, it’s the principal of the matter. What was once a simple site—when is this paper due, random person from class?—metastasized into something sinister and hardly recognizable.

And of course, the application creators argue the exact opposite. It’s “fun” to get application request every 15 seconds, makes you feel special and well liked. Does it? “It is a positive action that people like sending to their friends,” said the creator of such important breakthroughs as Send Good Karma.

How needy do you have to be to feel validated by Facebook app requests?

I just find it funny that the site was co-opted by the “how do we monetize the friend feed?” crowd.

via Drudge Report