AT&T MediaFlo live TV service coming May 4th?

The Boy Genius Report has let loose some details on AT&T’s live TV service, MediaFLO.

Apparently it’ll be available on May 4th and will be an expensive add-on as far as your monthly bill is concerned, unless you think paying $13 per month for four TV channels is a good deal. Or you could pay $30 for 10 channels. The mid-tier is nine channels for $15, which seems to be the best deal.

  • Mobile TV Limited – $13/month: Includes four channels; Fox Mobile, CBS Mobile, NBC, and NBC News
  • Mobile TV Basic – $15/month: Includes 9 channels; Fox Mobile, CBS mobile, NBC, NBC News, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, CNN Mobile and ESPN
  • Mobile TV Plus – $30/month: Includes the nine channels listed above as well as an exclusive Sony Pictures channel

The service has been tested on the LG Vu and the Samsung Access, so we’ll see which other handsets it’ll work on. The Vu and the Access seem to be the first two out of the gate, though. The TV streams be live and apparently battery usage will be roughly equal to that of a voice call. Also, a commenter on the BGR post claims that the Mobile TV Plus plan for $30 per month comes with the Media Net and Cellular Video features as well. So keep that in your back pocket until this stuff gets confirmed.