Who should be the next Web guru of the BBC? Vote now!

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Following the heated debate surrounding my post about how the BBC should now pick a head who can open up the corporation’s massive platform to outside developers and startups, I’ve decided to run a poll listing a very wide field of internal candidates (since we don’t know who will apply from outside as yet). So get voting!

  • http://benmetcalfe.com/blog/ Ben Metcalfe

    Mike, um, seriously – who outside of the BBC and maybe you bloggers will have heard, let alone know enough about these people?

    I vote for Tom Loosemore, but if I had to choose from this list I’d pitch in for Richard Deverall. Or was it a secret ballot?

    Someone emailed me to see if I was going to apply (er, no).

  • http://james.cridland.net James Cridland


  • http://www.crawlofthedead.com Tom Kiss

    James Cridlanf is by far the best slash coolest person there. The votes say it already.


  • Mike Butcher

    Ben – Ok, so I might consider adding Tom to the list except for the fact he just left after a million years for a job at Ofcom and seems much happier with the new commute!

    As for Cridland – I can just tell this is going to get spammed by geeks now, right ;-)

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  • james

    Cory Doctorow……

  • http://cubicgarden.com Ian Forrester

    Obviously it would be unwise of me to recommend anyone. But that guy at the bottom of the list, I think his name is Ian Forrester or something looks like someone you want running the Future Media & Technology division of the BBC.

    Alright poor joke.

    Hey and Cridland isn’t as geeky as myself…

  • http://www.ukfree.tv Brian Butterworth

    What you really need is someone from outside the corporation with the right background and a proper passion for public service with a proven track record i n putting forward the case.

    That’s ME, BTW.

  • http://www.ukfree.tv Brian Butterworth

    I vote that James Cridland gets Jenny Abramski’s old job…

  • http://blog.huddle.net/ Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson

    I would have voted but couldn’t find a single woman on this list. Does this mean that there aren’t any in tech and media at BBC? I feel depresseed.

  • Mike Butcher

    Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson – You are absolutely right, there ARE no women on the list, which was compiled from all the media speculation to date. Check again in half an hour – I have a candidate in mind I can add.

  • http://blog.huddle.net/ Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson

    Pefect, looking forward to that.

  • Mike Armstrong

    Where’s the “none of the above” button?

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  • Mike Armstrong
  • Mike Butcher

    Have now added two highly qualified BBC women to the list:

    Dr. Jo Twist, Research manager of cross-platform audience, http://tinyurl.com/5qw2he

    Alex White, Launch Director, Digital Media, BBC Worldwide, http://tinyurl.com/595szv

  • http://phreadz.com Kosso

    Out of those, I’d say Tony Ageh or Richard Deverill. I worked a lot with Richard when he was in BBC News. Great bloke. Good vision.

    When I left, I said I’d only return to take Ashley’s job :)

    Nic Newman has a tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and not listen – I have actually have a recording of him saying to me, while discussing an overdue employment contract “If you don’t like it here, piss off and find something else”

    It will probably go to Eric Huggers.

    If John Angeli was still at the BBC and wasn’t ousted by Ashley et al. for being so flipping brilliant I’d vote for him in a heartbeat. A genius.

  • http://phreadz.com Kosso

    Ooo yes! Brandon Butterworth. Someone who *actually knows* technology.

    The trouble with people like Highfield and Newman is they are self-confessed non-techies.

    Which always troubled me. ;p

  • http://blog.huddle.net/ Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson

    Jo gets my vote.

  • http://thayer18.livejournal.com Thayer Driver

    Hi Zuzanna,

    I seriously hope your vote isn’t just because Jo is a woman, that would be very sad if it were.

    My vote goes to Tony Ageh, he’s an inspirational leader and thought communicator. I was incredibly inspired by him both professionally and personally when I worked with him at UpMyStreet. He also has the experience to pull it off really well, unlike a few others on the list.

    Go Tony!


  • Anonymous

    CRIIIIIDLLLAAAAAAAND (ate my hamster).

  • http://girlygeekdom.blogspot.com Sarah

    Personally I’d rather have someone outside of the BBC to turn it all upside down and breath some new life into it. I’d also expect them to have a couple of tech advisors reporting directly to them that know the ropes and know how to get round policy and politics!

    But that’s just me! So my vote would go to (a BBC outsider tbd!)

  • http://cubicgarden.com Ian Forrester

    Good to see some more diversity added to the list.

  • Jo

    Would help if my job title was correct!!

  • http://andrew.chalkley.org Andrew Chalkley


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