Tax Day: Spend your rebate on anything interesting?


It’s April 15, Tax Day here in the U.S. and unless you’re Wesley Snipes, you’ve no doubt paid your fair share to The Man. But, but! what did you/will you do with your tax refund? Stash it in the bank? Blow it on Johnny Walker? Travel? Or, relevant to us here, buy some tech toy that you really don’t need but want anyway?

I think I’ll put some of my rebate toward a bunch of Xbox 360 games (BioShock and PES, namely) and maybe a shirt or two from some overpriced store in SoHo.

So anyone here splurge a little? Buy a new HDTV or terabytes worth of external hard drives? A new iPod “just because” or a new surround sound system? I’m actually curious for some reason.