Programmer proposes by hacking 'Bejeweled'


Congratulations to Bernie Peng and his soon-to-be-wife Tammy Li! The happy couple just got engaged via a hacked version of “Bejeweled” that Bernie programmed to reveal his proposal once Tammy hit a certain score.

Seattle-based PopCap, makers of “Bejeweled,” is so F-ing excited about all the publicity this little stunt has created that it’s offered to fly the Pengs out to Seattle for their honeymoon. On a related note, CrunchGear’s own Matt Hickey and Devin Coldewey have offered to sing “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight” right outside the Pengs’ hotel window in exchange for two champagne flutes filled with Olde English.

PopCap will also give out free copies of “Bejeweled” to all the wedding guests. Careful, PopCap. This day is about Tammy and to a lesser extent about Bernie. Let’s not make it all about PopCap.

The couple will be married over Labor Day weekend.

via CNN/AP [Thanks for sending this in, Diem!]