YouTorrent On The Market, Switches To Legal Torrents

youtorrent.jpgYouTorrent, the bittorrent meta search engine we wrote about in January, is on the market and has switched to legal torrents only.

TorrentFreak reports that “YouTorrent’s selling points are the great interface, an ad-less design, and its ability to search most of the bigger BitTorrent sites” and since launching in January has grown to a remarkable 10 million uniques per month.

In an odd move, the owners have switched YouTorrent’s meta-search to sites that only list legal torrents, a decision that may well kill YouTorrent’s traffic before the site finds a buyer.

How much the owners are chasing for YouTorrent was not disclosed, however the site has zero income as the owners have never run ads.

For those looking for a YouTorrent alternative now it’s useless, try PizzaTorrent.