SueEasy Goes Live – Your Class Action Lawsuit Lottery Ticket

sueeasy_logo.pngSueEasy, a Shangri-La for ambulance chasers, is now live and wreaking litigious havoc on the web. They’ve created, in their own words, a “harmonious and efficient system” for the filing of lawsuits.

The site allows people to file (or search for) grievances, join with others looking for a payout, and eventually get the attention of a first class ambulance chaser to take your case.

An email from the company described the reasons for the delay in launch:

It took us a while to come up with a complete Class Action case repository where affected people can search for a case, read about it, register their complaints if affected, and be in touch with Class Action lawyers in real time. People can suggest new potential Class Actions and others affected can read the initial complaint and join up with their own complaints against that product or service. All this is in addition to our efficient case filing system where users can file a lawsuit in any one of 9 categories and get in touch with the best in legal help. A complete internal messaging system etc has been designed. Tons of other good features inside. We hope to make this a harmonious and efficient system for people to register any grievance and be sure to receive good legal help in the least possible time.