Hulu Working On International Streaming, Canada, UK + Australia Up First


Hulu has started offering the above box to international users visiting the site from outside of the United States, the first sign that the service may soon be available in more countries than one.

First spotted by Watch TV Online, the region drop down box preferences Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia above all other countries, suggesting that they might be the first outside of the United States with Hulu access.

I spoke with Eric Feng, the CTO of Hulu briefly when Mark interviewed him back in January and I asked him about international distribution then. Mark wrote the response up as:

Hulu is working on providing its videos internationally but content rights issues will take time to work through. Eric couldn’t provide any time table for when we might see Hulu available internationally

I do recall Eric saying that Hulu was keen on rolling out international access, and the only thing holding them back was the rights holders, but given a chance they’d press the button tomorrow.

In the mean time, read this post on how to access Hulu now from outside of the United States.