Opera tooling Android-native version of Opera Mini

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opera mini last childRegular readers will note that I’m an avid fan of Opera Mini for cellphones. Most phones’ built-in browser sucks, pure and simple. While Opera Mini isn’t as good as a desktop browser, it’s still easy enough to use on a small screen that it’s a no-brainer.

When the Goog finally introduced Android, I was impressed. It’s a step in the right direction and something someone should have done awhile ago.

Now Opera is working on an Android-native version of Opera Mini, and that gets me very excited. Two great tastes that taste great together or whatever.

What’s notable is that Opera Mini usually runs on a Java virtual machine, however the Android version will run with the OS itself, meaning it’ll be faster, slimmer, and allow for more OS interoperability. That means it will rock.

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