Video: Gentleman explains how to defeat piracy to big business

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On your lunch break? Not on your lunch break? Don’t have a lunch break? Good! Then block off 40 minutes for this absolutely riveting discussion on piracy, and what media companies can do to combat it. (Hint: Compete against it. Smart!)

Some guy named Matt Mason gave a Speech (I meant to capitalize that, Doug) last month at The Medici Summit (WHERE BUSINESS & INNOVATION INTERSECT) telling companies that piracy isn’t going to magically disappear, nor can you sue it out of existence. He goes through a mini-history of the subject, from pirate radio stations to BBS’s filled with software to modern-day BitTorrent sites. The long and short of it is that companies need to go the iTunes route and compete against piracy on a value level. (iTunes gave consumers a fast and convenient way to buy music from a Trusted Source.)

I don’t know, interesting in the “hey, I’ve got nothing better to do” sense.

One hour till Champions League. Looking forward to a Liverpool/Chelsea and ManU/Barça semifinals.

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