Hand-held lie detector Afghanistan-bound

In order to save American lives, which I’m all for, the Pentagon will employ a hand-held lie detector in Afghanistan. The device, which was developed by a team at Johns Hopkins (the algorithm, at least) and sold by Lafayette Instrument, Co., costs $7,500 a pop and goes by the name Preliminary Credibility Assessment Screening System. Even though traditional polygraphs aren’t exactly reliable, the PCASS is even less reliable since it doesn’t take into account certain parameters like breathing rate.

The Pentagon says it’s just one more tool in the soldier’s arsenal, not meant to convict men on the spot.

To tie this into Dr. Kaku, he said on that same episode of Opie and Anthony two days ago that it’s totally possible to create a highly accurate lie detector. Since lying requires knowledge of the truth, of the constructed lie, and of the consequences of telling a lie, you could, theoretically, measure the brain activity of an individual. I want to interview Kaku, not even for CrunchGear, but for my own selfish benefit.

via Drudge Report