Puppet Parody Show Gets Sponsorship; Original FastCompany Show Doesn't

Loren Feldman’s puppet video show, which parodies a video interview show run by Shel Israel called Global Neighborhoods, has landed an official sponsor, Feldman says. Meanwhile, Global Neighborhoods itself remains sponsorless.

In the videos, a naked puppet interviews people (or other puppets) to talk about “social media,” making fun of Israel’s interview style. The puppet is naked as a spoof on Israel’s book, Naked Conversations, about the importance of blogging for companies.

The new sponsor, Zong, a Switzerland-based mobile platform company, is providing “significant funding” to sponsor the parody Shel Israel show created by Feldman.

This will be a serious ego blow to Israel, who has been mocked by Feldman and bloggers around the quality of the show and has publicly attacked Feldman over the parody.

The fact that the parody, but not the official show, is now receiving financial support from third parties is a reflection of the entertainment value of the two shows. Not only do some people find the parody very funny, Feldman has also landed fairly well known entrepreneurs in his interviews. Now that Feldman is making money from the show, it’s probably here to stay, much to the real Israel’s chagrin.

As I’ve disclosed before, Feldman and Israel are both friends of mine. I hosted the launch party for Shel’s book, Naked Conversations at my house in February 2006, and Feldman is staying at my house this week.