First 150 apps in OSX, now 108 in Vista, and tomorrow? Crysis on Android.

I think we all knew when this joker decided to run 150 apps at once on his MacBook Pro (actually close to 95, not that that isn’t a lot). A Windows fan has put up a video of Vista running 108 applications at once . Of course, not only has this been done before to similar reception, but it’s really an awful way of measuring anything at all, really. For one thing, it took about 10 minutes for the applications to open up on the mac, Vista was visibly chunking, and I simply don’t believe the fables of computers running smoothly with their RAM and swap file filled to capacity. I happen to know my MacBook Pro takes 30 seconds to load iTunes alone, and when you combine it with Aperture and Camino or Firefox, well let’s just say I always bring a book wherever I go.

It’s fun for a lark, but it’s also spurring serious debates on which OS is better, as if this test revealed anything significant about either one. The test of a computer is usability and effectiveness, not the fanciful and irrelevant benchmark on display today. But damn if it didn’t bring the fanbois out of the woodwork!

Update: Actually, what’s next was 165 apps running on Linux. Bam!