Amie Street Loves Prostitutes

When you think of prostitutes, you usually think of vice and the dark side of the Valley, and not something most startups would want to be associated it. Independent online music service Amie Street not only loves them, they’re probably praying for more.

In March New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s predilection for high class call girls was splashed across the media worldwide and his favorite hooker of choice was Ashley Alexandra Dupre. Between tricks Dupre dreamed of a singing career, and her outlet of choice was Amie Street. Dupre’s two singles not only broke Amie Street records for sales volume, she also delivered a massive bounce in traffic for Amie Street. By the end of the month Amie Street’s traffic had more than tripled according to both Quantcast and Compete (charts available on Amie Street’s Crunchbase page here).

There’s no later traffic data to see how much of Amie Street’s new traffic stuck around, the bump certainly didn’t hurt Amie Street’s profile.

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