HP Provides Unlimited Online Storage with Upline

Hewlett-Packard has just officially announced the release of HP Upline, a consumer online storage service that can be used for both backup and file sharing purposes.

The online storage space has been heating up lately with the release of Dropbox, Sugarsync, and now this offering. These new services seem to recognize that consumers don’t want separate solutions for backing up their files, accessing them wherever they go, and sharing them with friends.

HP Upline is making its mark by providing unlimited storage for $59/year. Free accounts limited to 1GB and one year are also available for those who want to try before buying. Families and small businesses can also take advantage of special licenses and features that allow for central management of multiple accounts.

Unfortunately, the software works only on PCs, which makes it pretty much useless to me (a Mac owner). The technology was designed by Opelin, a company bought by HP last year, and a video demo of it can be found here.