CrunchArcade: Microsoft, for the 100th time, denies an Xbox 360 Blu-ray drive


First Microsoft denied the development of a Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360, then reports out of Asia suggested a drive was already on the way. Now a Microsoft rep in the UK has, again, said there won’t be a Blu-ray drive. The story is now officially boring on a global scale.

One Neil Thompson parroted the company line regarding the future of physical media, or, really, its lack of any future at all.

Our Our belief was that in the lifetime of the Xbox 360 we were going to move to this online world and online distribution for content outside gaming. If we didn’t believe that we would have put a hi-def player in the console.

So again, Microsoft has no intention of adding a Blu-ray drive, external or internal, to the Xbox 360 .

We now wait for reports from some factory in an unnamed location showing the system with the drive.