Major Google Announcement Monday Evening: Is It BigTable?

Google is hosting the second of their developer events, called “Campfire One,” on Monday (April 7) evening. Multiple people have forwarded email invitations to me for the event, where Google promises they’ll be “unveiling another exciting technology” to the developer community.

The first Campfire One event was held for thirty outside developers on November 1, 2007, where Google announced details of their OpenSocial initiative. They describe the events as “Every once in a while we’ll invite members of the developer community on campus to talk shop, share some news, and eat S’mores. We’re calling this “Google Campfire One.””

I wasn’t invited to the event, but I clicked through on the invite link in one of the emails and signed up. A confirmation was sent back immediately afterwards. Since the RSVP page doesn’t appear to be limited to invited developers only, I won’t publish the URL.

My guess is that Google will be announcing the launch of web services that will compete head on with those offered by Amazon and others. The anchor for these services, we hear, is their internal database system called BigTable. Google has definitely briefed press on the imminent launch of BigTable as a web service, although as we said last week we haven’t been contacted.