CrunchArcade: Some guy already beat GTA IV, says it's much better than previous games


So some jerk has not only played Grand Theft Auto IV—apparently RockStar hates us, even though we’re in NYC… I can’t blame them, really—but he’s already beaten it. The knave writes for Xbox World 360 magazine, and sister publication GamesRadar (remember DailyRadar? Penny-Arcade sure hated them) has an interview with the Luckiest Man on Earth. The editor, Rob Taylor, says it’s a dream come true to be the first person to play a highly anticipated game and that he’s honored to have done it.

As to what he actually said, Taylor, as you might expect, came away laregely impressed with the game, saying it “exceeded [his] expectations” and calling it a “stratospheric leap forward” compared to previous GTAs. The main story mode took about 24 hours to complete, FYI.

His last line really sets the tone, saying GTA IV “by a country mile” (that’s way long!) is better than previous games in the series.

So, news flash, it looks like the game will be good. Surprises galore (n. the Cure album) this weekend, I see. For example, Newcastle won! That is surprising!