Craigslist Launches Official Blog

Craigslist launches their official blog today at Previously founder Craig Newmark would get the word out via his personal blog, but now Craigslist has it’s own voice. The blog is lacking a RSS feed and has only rudimentary comments, but it is a true blog nonetheless.

By the look of the first few posts the new blog will make for interesting reading. There is commentary on the recent Oregon “take all my stuff” issue (our coverage), as well as a discussion of the new phone verification system for their erotic services category.

The top post takes the prize though. They accuse Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of slander for his recent accusations that Craigslist “profits from prostitution:” “Connecticut craigslist users are no doubt curious as to why their AG is spending time attacking freedom of speech and law-abiding companies that provide much-needed free services to the people…”