Game Neverending Rises From The Dead

gne.jpgGame Neverending, the first project from Ludicorp and the foundation for Flickr, has risen from the dead.

The MMOG is a role playing game focused on social interaction and object manipulation. Game Neverending is said to be “lighthearted and humorous” with no way to win or no given definition of success. Objects “could be combined to create other objects, but any given object only served a questionable amount of purpose.” The first prototype went live in 2002 and closed in 2004.

The tools behind the game were used as the foundation for Flickr, and the .gne file extension in Flickr is a legacy from Game Neverending.

Game Neverending is using Flickr account details for login; if you’re already logged into Flickr you’ll automatically be logged into the game when visiting the site.

(thanks to Richard Giles for the tip)