CrunchArcade: Wii Fit predicted to sell 3m copies this year (that's a lot)


You and I already (?) know about Wii Fit, Nintendo’s upcoming Wii game that the company characterizes as a good health-promoting alternative to the usual FPS or dungeon crawl. Now, though, the mainstream, non-tech press is catching on, with Murdoch’s New York Post publishing a piece two days ago explaining the game’s potential appeal. A monocle-wearing analyst expects Nintendo to sell 3 to 4 million copies of the game, which would put it in between the like of Call of Duty 4 (3 million copies sold) and Halo 3 (4.8 million copies sold).

As part of Nintendo’s effort to make the game available to as wide a launch as possible, it may start sending more Wiis to non-games stores like Target, possibly angering the likes of GameStop.

Bottom line is, Wii Fit will sell a hell of a lot of copies and may, just may help promote a more healthy lifestyle.