CrunchArcade: Grand Theft Auto IV will have 'undetailed' portrayals of sex acts (plus new gameplay video)

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Unlike Manhunt 2 before it, Grand Theft Auto IV has passed that British censor board just fine. In so doing, however, we’re given a quick little play-by-play of what to expect from the game’s more “adult” moments. “During gameplay the character can pick up prostitutes… What follows is an un-detailed portrayal of masturbation, fellatio and intercourse.”

Oh, man! Someone call Jack Thomson!

And inside, a fun “tourist” video showing off Liberty City. Lots of in-game footage for you to stare at.

Anyone else playing GTA III and its spinoffs (Vice City and San Andreas, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories) in anticipation of April 29? I am, much to the detriment of my actual, real world friendships. I don’t need friends, I have an Xbox 360.

via Kotaku

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