Baby got backless bra

backlessbra thumbIt’s not every day that a tech blogger gets to write about women’s underwear, at least not on the tech blog, but here I am, and it’s no longer April Fool’s.

What advancement in Bra-tech has such significance to warrant a post on this blog, you ask? Why the backless bra, of course!

Looking like a pair of slings joined in the middle, the backless bra is just that. It’s made for classy ladies who want to keep their support but still want to wear backless halter tops and dresses. Sounds reasonable, but it’s the talk of the town in Underwearville, USA.

The bra was originally aired on American Inventor, and now Maidenform is selling a version for $25. See you in the club, backless bra. Or, rather, not! Aha!