Live Bloggin: AT&T Media Luncheon

I’m at the AT&T media luncheon listening to the usual shpeal. Reiterating what we already know about AT&T, the US carrier is committed to openness and choice, which is what consumers want more than anything else. Right?

I hadn’t anticipated this becoming a live blog so you’ll have to excuse the unruly nature in which this post has turned into.

Invest more than 18 billion to expansion over past 3 years. made acquisitions to expand footprint including Dobson and edge

Technology roadmap
28 megabits per second over LTE and HSPA R7

Over 10k wifi hotspots up to 17k with starbucks by end of 2008

PGA Masters: live feed to your phones. u-verse on-demand content for tv, blue room online

two exclusive channels: cnn and sony pictures
more devices coming

pro-rate earlier termination fee
$175 early termination fee goes down $5 a month for new customers and customers who are renewing contracts as of May 25th

AT&T to integrate Android into devices with their own applications

MediaFLO will be $15/month

The LG Vu will cost $299

The Samsung Access will be $199

Microsoft Surface rolls out April 17th (video of the demo coming soon)

All AT&T devices to be 3G in the coming months

3G iPhone is imminent (duh)

AT&T doesn’t want to compete with Sprint over pricing plans. Verizon is more important.

12 Surface units in each city on April 17th

You can remove all content from your previous device and swap to your new device from the Surface (this won’t be available at launch, but it’s a feature that’s coming soon)

AT&T not worried about WiMAX.

7.2 download speeds by end of year, early 2009