One of our VCs is missing

People join organisations, people leave organisations. But some leave and are then literally air-brushed out of history. Just take Trotsky. One minute you’re in the photo with Lenin. The next minute you’re not (and you’ve got an ice-pick in your head). So it is with companies.

But are the rumours true that Sonali De Rycker, partner at Atlas Venture (backers of Zoopla, Moo, Seatwave etc), has moved to new pastures? And could an indication of this be her removal via air-brush from the first picture on the front page of the Atlas site (see screen grab above, with the big gap on the right)?

And is further evidence the removal of her profile from the team page (google cache here)? And is she indeed about to move to Accel Partners, as the tattle-tailers tell me? Who’s to know?

Perhaps it is all an elaborate April Fools joke?

At any rate, whoever did the airbrushing needs to learn a tip or two from Soviet-era Russia. At least move poor Fred Destin closer to the other guys! He looks lonely out there.

Meanwhile, please join me in the nationwide search for Sonali. I’m putting out an immediate Red Alert on her whereabouts. And for those of you who have already forgotten what she looks like, here’s a picture of the person we’re looking for:



Damn! It’s not a April Fool.

Accel Partners contacts me to confirm hey have appointed Sonali De Rycker to their London office, joining as Partner. Hey ho – there’s always next year…