Another Google Exec Bails: VP Leaves To Head EMI Group

Add another one to the list of Google employee departures: Google VP Engineering Douglas Merrill has resigned, a source says (and confirmed here), and will be joining UK and NY-based big music label EMI Group as President.

Merrill joined Google in 2003 as Senior Director of Information Systems. In the position he just left, he held direct line responsibility for all internal engineering and support worldwide. He was previously an SVP at Charles Schwab and Co.

Why would someone would jump ship from the do no evil company into one of the most despised industries in the world? I don’t have the details yet, but I look forward to reading the official press release when it comes out in the next few days.

One thing’s for certain – he finally found a place for that rock star haircut he’s sporting in the video below. Congratulations on the move, Doug, and Just Say No to a music tax.