Vu gets groped early at CTIA

lg vuWe’re thinking the Vu is the first real post-iPhone cellphone, using a haptic-feedback touchscreen, a fluid UI, and multimedia features in a phone that should cost less than the iPhone but still be cool enough to induce lust.

Laptop caught up with the phone on the floor of the CTIA Emerging Tech Awards pavilion, snapped a few shots, and did a pretty good hands-on. John Biggs here and I got to play with an early version of the phone at CES and it’s good to see Laptop has about the same impressions we did then.

We’re looking carefully at this phone as it supports AT&T’s MediaFLOW live TV service launching next month, and because it might siphon sales away from AT&T’s own iPhone. Is AT&T spoiling its own game? We’ll have to see how popular the TV application really is before we’ll know, but likely not.