Revision3 Acquired By Fox News, Says Kevin Rose–0143–2008-03-27foxnews–800kbps.flv&ScrubMode=advanced&Thumb=–0143–2008-03-27foxnews–thumb.jpg&DefaultRatio=0.56&AutoSize=off&allowFullScreen=true

Episode 143 of Diggnation: Hosts Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht announce the sale of Revision3 to Fox News at about the 2:05 mark. Rose says “Well, ah, we basically have a big announcement for everyone. Revision3 has been acquired by a bigger company. We’ll be moving to Fox News.” He added “I’m thinking of getting a fox tattoo, its kinda part of my signing bonus, if i do it i get a little extra money.”

It’s an early (very early) April Fool’s joke, of course. Jump to the 3:45 mark. They are clearly playing off a story from two weeks ago, spread quickly via a credulous Robert Scoble Twitter message, that CNET had acquired Revision3 for $58 million.

The company was founded in April 2005 and has raised $9 million in funding.