ZeroHouse is entirely self-sufficient and prefabricated


Sick of your neighbors filing complaints against you for playing music too loud, when, in fact, those same neighbors are guilty of the same thing? (Whoops! Sorry, jerk neighbor!) Then you need a house, like, say, the ZeroHouse, which is not only entirely prefabricated but also entirely self-sufficient, just like a castle. Its equipped with solar panels for electricity generation, large specially treated windows for free solar energy (heat), insulation left and right, etc.

This interests me for several reasons. One, I’m done with New York and stupid apartments. I want a big house on the big side of town (32 seconds in), preferably where the temperature outside doesn’t dip below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Two, since ZeroHouse generates its own electricity I can leave my various monitors and lights and speakers on all day with no qualms. And I’d have no neighbors around me. Peace of mind is precious.

via Inhabitat