The Zoho Business Machine Rolls Forward: Invoices Next

Zoho continues to launch a new product every month or two. Next up is a way for businesses to send electronic invoices. It joins a suite of sixteen other business-focused applications, including a full “Office” suite (online clones for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.). Most of their applications are free or significantly less expensive than competitors.

Other applications include web conferencing, and most recently a portal to manage human resources—recruiting, org charts, HR forms, etc.

This is certainly not the first online invoicing tool. But the value in Zoho is, increasingly, the fact that they have so many services under the same brand/sign on. The invoices product will be free for users who send up to five invoices per month. Paid packages range up to $35/month.

A quick way to understand which Zoho applications are free and which have a fee – the productivity applications listed on the left hand column are free, the business applications on the right will have a fee.