I'll still ignore Deltalina even though she's easy on the eyes

Katherine Lee is the new face of in-flight safety for Delta and it’s a welcome change from the monotony we’ve been subjected to for the last couple decades, but are her pouty lips and good looks enough to make you pay attention?

I sure as heck won’t. I struggled to get through the video just now. It’s still the same boring presentation and I will continue to ignore it, if I ever fly Delta again. I’ve flown enough to know the routine. My time is better spent listening to music, reading my Kindle (I think it’s BS that I have to turn it off for landing and takeoff), playing some DS or blasting e-mails and texts.

I much prefer Virgin America’s safety video. I still ignore it 80 percent of the time, but I still chuckle during certain parts of it. Song Airlines, before Delta ate them up, had a great stable of rotating safety videos set to different musical themes. I think the last one I saw was a samba mix.

What about you?