You are your own Wi-Fi hotspot


Today, TapRoot Systems announced that you will soon be able to use your 3G Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device as a hotpsot. The WalkingHotSpot software will initially be available only on Windows Mobile and Symbian 60 devices. A free demo is forthcoming from TapRoot, but it will only support one Wi-Fi connection. The software will only be available from carriers and the purchased software will support more than one Wi-Fi connection. Sweet. There are a couple of caveats, though.

At this point, only AT&T 3G devices will support the hotspot service and voice calls simultaneously. That is until T-Mo’s 3G network is up and running. However, that is still up in the air regardless of the Nokia and Samsung 3G mobiles currently available. CDMA devices are rather limited because of the network and the hotspot service will be interrupted when a call comes in. Do you remember why? If you don’t then read this.