Survey Says: Tech Workers Also Like McCain and Obama

Back in January, TechCrunch endorsed presidential candidates John McCain on the Republican side and Barack Obama on the Democratic side. We are not alone. From a survey of 600 IT professionals released on March 18 from the Computing Technology Industry Association:

If the 2008 Presidential Election were held today who would get the vote:

McCain 29%
Obama 29%
Clinton 13%
Huckabee 11%
Paul 9%
Not sure 9%

These stats are a bit old, but it is nice to see that we are in sync with the IT workers of America.

Update: The next question to ask is which IT workers would benefit from either of the two leading candidates. For McCain, at least, the answer seems to be the telecom industry. A story in USA Today points out that 23 of the 66 former or current lobbyists tied to his campaign have been telecom industry lobbyists. These include his campaign manager, deputy campaign manager, chief adviser, Senate chief of staff, campaign co-chairman, and campaign finance director. He also sits on the Senate Commerce Committee, which oversees the industry and the FCC.

McCain has the Verizon vote locked up, but he still needs to work on winning the Google vote.

(via Fred Wilson).