Video Review: Jasman's Halo 3 Plasma Pistol and Rifle

It’s so rare to actually have actual child-like fun with the gadgets we get in that I had to put together this silly video. The Jasman toys are laser-tag-alike weapons with targets and a shot counter. When you run out of ammo the weapons pop open — the rifle shoots out its overheating fins and the top of the pistol pops up. You can recharge your weapon by pressing a button on the top and you take a few hits before your target stops registering and you lose like the loser you are — that means you, Mike!

Here we see my friends shooting each other while my son cowers in the corner and the dog enters the fray. Good times.

The rifle is $139 and the pistol is $59. I strongly recommend these for a little inter-office laser tag Covenant action.

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