The Back Burner: Things we didn't post this week

A big thank you to everybody for filling our tips at crunchgear dot com inbox with wonderful, unique, and newsworthy items. Here are five that we just couldn’t get to this week.

Re: weekend party

hey I just stumbled upon your photo you look good my msn name is


Wow, thanks! Which photo are you talking about? Nevermind, they’re all good. I’ll hit you up on MSN messenger tonight. Can’t wait!

RE: chat name

hi how are you doing i just ran across your pic i think its adorable my msm messenger


Nice! Thanks, I’m sure you may or may not be adorable too. I’ll be honest with you; I’m kind of already seeing someone named jane22star but she’s on MSN messenger and I see you’re on MSM messenger so I’ll try to track that program down somewhere and we can chat tonight and see how thing go. There’s no rule against playing the field, right?

RE: hey sugarpie

my room mate showed me you and im interested in talking with you add me on live messenger


Holy crap! Where are all you hot girls coming from?! Must be this new haircut. Wow. So listen, I’ve gotta meet up with jane22star tonight and then I’m going to swing by jane24star’s chat place but I’ll for sure catch up with you after that. I hope you’re a night owl! Really nice to have met you jane88turner — who’s your room mate? I’ll track down a copy of Live Messenger. Geez, my Start Menu’s gonna kill me with all these new chat programs, LOL!

RE: saw ya in the room

hola i came across your kodak photo looks good lol talk with me on msn


Hola crap! I’ve never been with a Spanish-speaking chat buddy before. I’ll grab my copy of ‘Spanish For Mastery, Level One’ and brush up a bit. What time zone are you in? Are you in Mexico, Spain, or somewhere in South America? Only reason I ask is because I have some prior engagements tonight but if your night doesn’t start until morning-time here, we should whoop it up. I have MSN messenger. Thank god you’re not on some weird chat program LOL! I know which Kodak photo you’re talking about too ROFL! In case you’re wondering; yes it’s real, California, and half Pinot Noir-half Pinot Grigio LMAO. Adios!

Naked Girl Dushan Jade, ready to ship, accept paypal

Dear velued customer,

Here I have only one naked girl sculpture made by Chinese famous Dushan Jade. While body and a little brown long hair. It is the scalputure in the hyperbole way to show us the beauty of female’s body.

It is worh for collection.

Pics available,If you are interested in it, pls contact me.

Best regards,

Wait for soon reply!



Thanks for the e-mail Livvy. I’m kind of busy with chat requests at the moment but without checking with my editor first, I can pretty safely tell you that we’re interested in reviewing the scalputure. Anything with the word “hyperbole” in it is bound to drive traffic and if it’s a one-of-a-kind item like you say, we’d love an exclusive.

Wait for soon reply!

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