God 2.0 Online This Easter

Its Good Friday and while millions will be enjoying the day off, others will be attending church and praying for salvation. According to a Pew survey in 2004, 64% of American Internet users perform spiritual and religious activities online, so here’s a few sites appropriate for the day.


god1.jpgWe covered GodTube in April 2007 and the site is still spreading the word. GodTube is a YouTube like Flash video sharing site focusing on using “technology to connect Christians for the purpose of encouraging and advancing the Gospel worldwide.”


god2.jpgAccording to ChurchMarketingSucks.com, “If you’ve ever complained about the smut and garbage that can happen on community-driven sites like MySpace, then People2Pray is the answer to what good is all this online community.”


god3.jpgBilled as a 37signals for Jesus followers, CrossConnector helps users plan and manage mission trips and church activities.


Faith2 is a Popurls/ Alltop style site for “the Christian Web 2.0.”


god5.jpgSearch the bible through a search box or navigate via tag cloud, eBible is “your personal online Bible that is easy to search and fun to use.” See our May 2006 review here.

Lolcat Bible

god10.jpgFor those looking for something lighter, the lolcat Bible offers a different interpretation of the Easter Story. Matthew 27, 1:5.

1 So liek iz teh mornins and all teh ppl sez tehy duznt liek Jesus and wantz to kills him;2 So tehy ties him upp and maed him goes to Pilate.

3 Judas feels teh stoopid and bringes teh moniez back,4 becuz he iz liek, “I iz stoopid, made invisibul err0r. Jesus iz innucent, k?”

And teh big catz sez “whtevr.”

5 So Judas sez “Do not want!” and he trows teh moniez and then killz hisself wiht sum yarn.

If God isn’t your thing, check out YouTube Awards finalist AngryLittleGirl on YouTube; her nominated video on religion here.