Our Master Plan


I enjoy watching how a midnight rant has generated countless people-hours of feedback and analysis.

What’s my secret master plan around developing our business? The secret is I tend to speak plainly and I already said exactly what I wanted to say. I believe bloggers should be careful about raising too much money and thereby killing opportunities to work with others. I believe the politics of linking is at times distasteful, but necessary for any blog to thrive (that is something I’ll write more about later). And I believe the rollup of big blogs is about to begin.

Are we thinking about how all this affects our business and making plans of our own? Sure we are. Are others helping us think through this? Of course they are. Was any of the speculation about our exact plans, based on “sources close to the situation” accurate?

Mostly, not. One thing that’s pretty easy to do, once you know how rumors are circulated, is throw off others trying to figure out what you are up to. The truth is far less entertaining than people have imagined.