The zzzPhone is real, on its way soon

I just got back from checking out the zzzPhone and I can say without a doubt that it’s real. It’s definitely not a scam, but the first generation ran into some problems with the manufacturer and they don’t work stateside. I’m told the newest generation is on its way very soon. Maybe within a month. The OS is still uncertain and could be Symbian or Windows CE. Android is also in the works as well as Skype for the upcoming model. An interesting tid bit on the zzzPhone is that there are eight different motherboards to accommodate the customization that’s making the zzzPhone so enticing. Another really cool feature, at least, on the old model is the inclusion of a 20-minute internal backup battery. That’s right, it works without the removable battery for up to 20-minutes. We should be getting a demo unit in the coming weeks of the US-compatible version. Stay tuned.