Rumor: Next refresh of Macs to have WiMAX


This is entirely based on conjecture, but Intel has revealed pricing for its upcoming Wi-Fi and WiMAX/Wi-Fi modules for the Montevina-based chips, which will begin to roll out in June. The rumor floating around the other week said that Apple would refresh the MB line with Montevina-based chips in June as well. Both modules are 802.11n compliant so the addition of either is more than likely, but what if Apple did include the Echo Peak module? There’s a fat chance in hell this would ever happen, but a WiMAX-enabled MB would be phenomenal, right? RIGHT?!

However, Sprint’s XoHM network is rolling out very soon so this could happen, but the price of the WiMAX modules is nearly double that of the Wi-Fi module. I know I’d pay a little extra for WiMAX. What about you?

Intel unveils prices for notebook WiMAX/Wi-Fi modules [Digi Times]