Isango raises $8 million for its 'travel experiences'

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UK travel startup Isango has raised $8 million led by Spark Ventures. Beringea contributed US$2.5m and the remaining US$1.5 million came from existing shareholders. Ranjan Singh, former MD of eBookers, is founder/CEO.

Isango is aiming to build the largest repository of travel experiences and currently offers around 4,000 activities in nearly 60 countries. It works alongside travel companies, airlines, car rental firms, hotel groups and other portals that include Hertz, Yahoo, Teletext and WAYN. isango’s exclusive focus is on the consumer motivation behind travel, the destination experience or ‘purpose’ of the journey. Release.

  • jas

    Incredible funding for an average site with a terrible name but goes to show once you got your face on the scene with another start up “bob’s your uncle”

  • beth

    great funding for sure. average site – well, maybe not. frm what i can see of travel sites this one certainly stands out as different and inspirational. clearly a nice focus on a huge and fragmented space which might have got the VCs excited!

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