3D Social Networking Destination RipLounge Moves Into Beta

3D social networking destination RipLounge from OTC listed Wyndstorm Corporation is now available for beta testing.

RipLounge targets the 25-40 year old market with a browser based 3D social networking platform that promises an “interactive online experience of free virtual worlds, such as swanky nightclubs, beaches and yachts, where users can meet, dance, flirt, kiss, hold-hands and audio-visual chat.”

Users get a personalized 3-D animated avatars and can invite friends to join them. The service promises to showcase independent music artists and offers advertisers “in-scene” advertising.

The site will fully open to the public April 1 and formally debut at Ad:Tech later that month.

Having not yet tested the service it would be perhaps unfair to make an assessment based on the demo video, however why avatars waddle around like penguins in each scene was not made clear. Maybe it’s a special feature…or maybe not.