Possibly: Updated AirPort Express this week with 802.11n


We could be looking at an updated AirPort Express this week, one that works with 802.11n. Pictures and a description recently appeared on the Swiss Apple Store, by way of MacGeneration, but have since been removed.

The new model, if that is indeed the new model, looks exactly like the previous 802.11b/g-only one. There’s still the built-in USB port for sharing printers and an optical outlet for sharing music from iTunes (or from any other app using AirFoil).

AirPort Express currently retails for $99; there’s no indication of a price change for the updated model.

I had one my freshman year of college and used it to provide Wi-Fi to people whom I didn’t hate (had to password protect it). Sure, I was breaking the school’s policy, but no one seemed to care. It’s a fine little router, provided you can live without built-in ethernet ports.

New Airport Express with 802.11n Next Week? [MacRumors]