Setanta Sports no longer offered on ITVN IPTV service: Trouble ahead?


These are tough times for IPTV service ITVN. The subscription-based service, which offered hundreds of average to above average quality channels (like 600K streams… think really good Internet streaming) to its subscribers, will no longer be offering Setanta Sports starting next month. Setanta Sports, an Irish corp, broadcasts “other” sports like soccer and rugby here in the U.S. Setanta sent out e-mails to its ITVN subscribers in recent days saying that ITVN has “ceased to trade.”

In other words, if you subscribed to Setanta via ITVN, you’d better find another way to watch within the next month or your weekends spent watching C. Ronaldo and Rooney are over. (Easiest way would be to subscribe to Setanta Broadband, $15 per month, Windows or Mac.)

ITVN hasn’t had the best of luck this past year. Last autumn, users had flooded message boards complaining of server problems during the big Liverpool-ManU game. Customer service was said to be, at best, so-so, too.

Things will probably hot up once the end of the month rolls around and subscribers start getting bills in the mail.

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