Console sales stats: 360 lags, PSP brings up the rear

image courtesy of the nevada sagebrush
Drum roll, please! The DS and Wii accounted for almost half of all sales, then Sony’s black boxes took the next two spots. Considering you’ve got GTA IV and Metal Gear Solid IV coming out in the next few months, it’s not much of a surprise that the PS3 is thumping the 360, which came in 5th. The PSP actually has pretty strong sales, which I didn’t expect. Anyhow, misuse these statistics in whatever way you see fit to further your fanboy agenda.

1. Nintendo DS (587,600 units sold)
2. Nintendo Wii (432,000)
3. PlayStation 2 (351,800)
4. PlayStation 3 (280,800)
5. Xbox 360 (254,600)
6. PSP (243,000)
7. Neo-Geo Pocket Color (I wish)

PlayStation 3 Outsells Xbox 360 for Second Month in a Row [Daily Tech]
Image courtesy of someone at the Nevada Sagebrush, nice one dude. I added “pew pew”