Think you can do a better job on the iPhone? Get a job, ya bum!

Apple is looking for a someone to work on iPhone interface design in Cupertino, California, which, contrary to popular belief, does not know how to party. The position requires a B.S. in Interactive Media Design or Graphic Design, two years of software visual design experience, fluency with Photoshop, and the ability to handle three dimensional interfaces in real space using microlasers a la Leia’s hologram in Star Wars as well as a grasp of existing 3G and 4G communications technologies and GPS interaction. HA! Gotcha! The last party wasn’t in there, but wouldn’t it have been great if it were?

To apply put one a black turtleneck and click the link below. If you get hired because of us, you owe us an iPhone 2. Got it?

Job Posting