Running Linux on your Wii is now easy++

This video describes how to use a regular SD card to hack your Wii to play homebrew games and run Linux. It seems pretty easy but after hacking my PS2 back in the day I’ve been pretty reticent about trying these things. How does it work?

The Twilight Hack works by employing a lengthly character name for the horse in the game (‘Epona’) in order to facilitate a stack smash. This gets triggered when talking to the man next to you when you start the savegame as he loads the name to use it in his dialog or upon attempting to enter the next zone, before the man talks to you and reminds you to go the other way to get the horse.

And I named mine “Butthole.” If only I had named it “Antidisestablishmentarianism!”

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4colorrebellion via NintendoWiiFanboy