MySpace Opens Up The OpenSocial Spigot: App Gallery Goes Live

Today is the first chance most people will get to actually see an OpenSocial app working on MySpace. The MySpace developer platform, which was first rumored waaaay back in October 2007 and announced shortly afterwards, throws its gates open to users today, about five weeks after the social network let developers begin building and testing their apps using OpenSocial.

When the platform was soft launched on February 4th, developers were told they had a month to develop their applications before more than a maximum of ten users could install them at a time. Now the user caps have been lifted and an application gallery called MySpace Apps has been rolled out. While MySpace won’t yet promote the gallery, any user that makes his or her way there will find all applications that have been approved for safety, following their terms of service, abiding by their guidelines, etc.

MySpace says it’s hard to say how many applications will be available as the platform enters this second phase, especially since they are still rapidly approving them as I write. However, we’re told that approved applications will not number in the thousands, despite the fact that over 5,000 developers have participated in the platform thus far.

This news of MySpace’s progression with OpenSocial comes on the same day as Hi5’s announcement that it will launch an OpenSocial platform on March 31st.